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Why Are You Here?

We offer self defense instruction in the arts of kickboxing, karate, Traditional American Boxing, and MMA. We put 20 years of martial arts experience into a dense curriculum of blocks, strikes, joint locks, takedowns, partner drills, grappling, cardio routines, strength training exercises, and stretching.


If you enroll as a beginner, you will acquire valuable knowledge that is not taught at most schools; and you will develop physical abilities which will elevate you to a skill level way above the average martial artist. If you are already an initiate of the martial arts, then our school will only enhance and refine your technique to the level of proficiency.

But maybe you’re not interested in the combative aspects of martial arts. Maybe you just want the strength and physique of a martial artist. That's OK! We have a program for you!


Physical training can improve sleep, heart health, bone strength, blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and prevent cancer. Just 30 mins of exercise a day can even improve the appearance of your skin and hair! At the School of Meta Martial we don’t just teach you martial arts. We provide you with the knowledge to become self-sufficient on your journey to peak physical and mental fitness!

My methods of instruction are tested and proven. Look at some of the testimonies on my website and Google Business Profile.


Ruben Soto

4 Years

"This is REAL self-defense! Be prepared to push yourself, be tested, and be consistent since no one becomes an efficient warrior in a day. It takes work!"


Telly Argyros

5 Years

"Sensei Xsavier Daniels is an excellent teacher and phenomenal martial artist! If you want to learn REAL martial arts Xsavier will not disappoint you!"


If you’re waiting for the “right moment” to start your martial arts training, then I got news for you! It’s never going to happen. You will continue to procrastinate and repeat the same mistakes over and over again, which set you back further and further. The truth is that there is no “right time.” Life is rough and there is always going to be something standing in between you and your goals. Between you, and the ideal version of yourself. It’s up to you to act now and take the first step on your journey to greatness! Sign up for a trial lesson now and find out what you’ve been missing out on!

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