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Personal Training

We use the secrets of martial arts techniques to help you build the body you want! Acquire the physique of an MMA Fighter with our unique body-sculpting FITNESS PROGRAM!

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Meet your instructor,
Sensei Xsavier Daniels


I take all of the strength training, flexibility enhancing, and cardio intensive exercises of martial arts to produce a dense curriculum of body conditioning routines to get you toned and shredded!

"My methods of instruction are tested and proven. Look at some of the testimonies on my website and Google Business Profile." -Xsavier

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Juleen Yeoh

4 Years

Both my son and I have trained extensively with Xsavier and love our classes! He makes each session fun, interesting and knows just how hard to push to get the best out of you! Every session is well planned out and he is focused and encouraging. He connects well with both adults and kids and has a wonderful energy about him. We highly recommend him!

rafael and i.jpg

Rafael Crisantos

1 Year

Xsavier is a phenomenal instructor! He always plans his lessons ahead of time to ensure that every class is never wasted. Xsavier is very encouraging and will always strive to help you surpass your limits and achieve your full potential. Xsavier makes his lessons interesting and fun by finding ways to connect with his students, which makes it feel like youre training with a friend!


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