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Life Coaching

Maximize your human potential and start building the life you desire.

Enhance Academic Achievement

Improve Love Life

Strengthen Family Relationships

Improve Business Performance

What is Life Coaching?

Everyone struggles with one or more aspects of life. You may be good at making money, but terrible at staying fit and eating healthy. You may be incredibly athletic, but you lack social skills, cannot talk to women, and have no idea how to use your skills to produce an income.

I have spent a significant amount of timing studying and improving in all of these areas, and more. But more importantly, I also know how to lead others to the same level of success that I have achieved in business, physical health, mental health, romance, self-esteem, and education.

As your Life Coach, I am here to guide you towards excellence in all of the aforementioned fields through my unique philosophy and practical methodologies. 

My Guiding Philosophy

Life is a battlefield and whether we like it or not, war surrounds us. Every living creature on earth must compete to survive. Human beings compete for jobs, romantic partners, resources, influence over others, rights, titles, and privileges. Although competition is not everything, no one gains respect or merit based on their existence alone. Yes, there are other things such as love, friendship, and family, but human existence is multifaceted and complex. People also have ambitions, goals, and desires which inevitably conflict with our own. For this reason, while it is necessary to show love, compassion, and tolerance, it is also necessary to exercise other virtues, such as strength, conviction, and determination. This means that in addition to temperateness, we must also be ruthless in our pursuit of life and liberty, as there will always be forces, both carnal and spiritual, which attempt to repress, stifle, or negate our endeavors to succeed. We must possess the mental fortitude to see our intentions through until our goals are accomplished. Otherwise, we will succumb to the tribulations of life and meet our end in shameful defeat.

As your Life Coach, I will teach you how to exercise your powers of conscious agency to bring order to your life and the universe by utilizing your faculties of reason and intellect.
Every tool or work of art produced by human hands began as an abstraction of the mind; an idea. Your ideas organized in synchronicity form the basis of plans which serve as the conceptual framework for guiding action to make your visions a reality. In this way, human beings have constructed all of the wonders of the world. The great pyramids and skyscrapers all began with a thought! The vision of the architect put the welder, the carpenter, and the laborer into motion!

What you get:

-Initial Evaluation

This is a 45-minute conversation wherein you might share some information about yourself, including your life challenges and the goals that you'd like to accomplish. During this conversation, I will record this information and together we will develop a practical roadmap for accomplishing your goals. By the conclusion of the meeting, you will have received a document with information pertaining to physical exercises, routine improvements, dietary adjustments, and instructions on how to achieve short & long-term goals. 


-Advice on all of the following:

Life Goals, Daily Routines, Physical Exercises, Diet, Personal/Romantic/Business Relationships, Finances, Martial Arts Training, Coping Skills, Overcoming Addiction, Overcoming Trauma, "Militant Living", and more...


-Readings & Courses:

"N.E.S.T. The Four Pillars Of Wellbeing" -Xsavier Daniels

"Destined To Be A Leader" -Xsavier Daniels

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine" -Xsavier Daniels

"Martial Arts Basics" -Xsavier Daniels 

-Weekly Phone and Video Chat Sessions


-Full Access to Weekly Blog Posts Pertaining to Martial Arts, Personal Training, Philosophy, Business, and Life Coaching

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