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Martial Arts Classes

We offer instruction in multiple martial arts and you may choose any or all of the following: 



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Meet your instructor,
Sensei Xsavier Daniels

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He puts 20 years of martial arts experience into a dense curriculum of blocks, strikes, joint locks, takedowns, partner drills, grappling, cardio routines, strength training exercises, and stretching.

"My methods of instruction are tested and proven. Look at some of the testimonies on my website and Google Business Profile." -Xsavier


Ruben Soto

4 Years

"This is REAL self-defense! Be prepared to push yourself, be tested, and be consistent since no one becomes an efficient warrior in a day. It takes work!"


Telly Argyros

5 Years

"Sensei Xsavier Daniels is an excellent teacher and phenomenal martial artist! If you want to learn REAL martial arts Xsavier will not disappoint you!"


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