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About Sensei Daniels

Xsavier Daniels has been teaching martial arts and nutrition in NYC for over 12 years. At the age of 9, he enrolled in a Karate program at a local community center which offered free recreational activities to underprivileged children. There, he fell in love with the Goju system of Karate and went on to train vigorously for several years despite struggling with a digestive illness and going in and out of the foster care system. Xsavier then began teaching free Karate lessons to children at the very same community center in the Bronx, where it all began. Xsavier has a reputation in his community for being a strong leader. He has taught martial arts at many locations across NYC, including after school programs, day care centers, gyms, martial arts schools, and NYC Parks Centers.

 Xsavier constantly emphasizes the importance of a good moral compass and is determined to spread a message of love and triumph by teaching people how martial arts can turn struggle into STRENGTH!

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My mission is to enrich the lives of my students by using martial arts as an instrument whereby the cognitive and physical capacities of each pupil may be enhanced to meet the challenges of a healthy lifestyle. I intend to magnify all of the best qualities in each student according to their uniqueness by building strong student-teacher relationships founded on mutual respect, trust, and guidance. The integrity of my method of instruction is driven by the recognition of each student as a unique individual with various strengths and weaknesses specific to their own development.

Fundamentals of Self Defense:

Students will learn the fundamental principles of martial arts as a form of self defense only to be used as a last resort and in emergency situations wherein escape and/or appeal to authority is not possible.
Students will learn how to identify the various red-flags associated with violent situations, as well as draw distinctions between aggressive and defensive behavior.

The importance of avoiding danger and preventing violent situations will remain a vital cornerstone throughout the entirety of instruction.


Each lesson will be administered with a central theme as a contextual lens for the execution of various blocks, strikes, techniques, and practical demonstrations throughout the class.

Every class will begin with a formal greeting carried out in the Japanese tradition of “bowing.” 

The first segment of instruction will consist of routine group stretching, followed by the execution of all basic blocks and strikes for the sake of review and optimal physical performance.

The second half of the class will focus on the central theme of the day, and consist of material specific to the objective, which may include striking drills, combination sequences, self-defense applications, controlled sparring (kumite), and forms (kata).
The last 5 minutes of class will be utilized as time for group retrospection and ideological consolidation of the central theme.  

By the end of each lesson, students will be able to communicate their understanding of the central theme by means of verbal expression and practical application of given techniques.

Student Goals:

•Physical Fitness •Dexterity •Muscular Constitution •Flexibility •Mental Acuity •Confidence •Discipline •Self-Respect •Alertness •Patience •Academic Improvement •Art Proficiency    

Shamar Colon, NY

"For a beginner, Xsavier leads his classes in a means that is easy to follow and get the hang of while also cultivating a community with peers so you can learn and get support from each other."
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