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Self Defense Skills
Private Training


Private In-Home (or our studio).
Defense for real life situations.
Great Fitness Activity.
Expert and Dedicated Instructor.
Build Tremendous Confidence.

Fill Out The Form Below or Call/Text
Xsavier at 646-331-6024!

Real Life Situations

We will teach you defense for real life situations.  We do not focus on worst case scenarios.  We focus on everyday concerns and how to protect and defend yourself.


Guaranteed Results

We guarantee you will feel stronger, more prepared, and more confident through our training.   We will focus on the items you want to and will incorporate other goals into our training.


Be Prepared!

Times are interesting!   We are seeing an increase in crime and attacks on random people.  Don't fall victim!


Prepare yourself today to take on any challenge or situation. 

Self Defense  
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Thank you for your interested in swlf-defense training! Lets get you started. We will be in touch soon.

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