Your Hidden Power

In a nation as powerful and prosperous as the United States, we still have hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a multitude of physical and mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Part of the reason for this is because of bad leadership and mismanagement of funds, but there is also a level of personal responsibility that must be addressed and accounted for if we are to affect change. Holding yourself accountable for your own attitude toward life is the key to internal strength. Most people are internally compromised because they choose to ignore this simple truth. You are the greatest factor in your own life and no one has more power over your mental health than you do. Yes, there are some things that are outside the scope of our control as individuals, but for that there is internal peace and humility. When something undesirable occurs in our life and we do not have the power to change it, then we have the choice to embrace truth by accepting our limitations as part of the thrill of life. It’s not always enjoyable or even meaningful to constantly be in control of everything. The only thing we have absolute control over is our attitude, and that is where our true strength lies.

People make all kinds of excuses as to why they experience the things they do. Some believe that they’ve been cursed. Others believe that the world is against them. And while people may indeed have it hard, the truth is usually somewhere in between. Some people may be ignorant of their faults due to lack of knowledge, and some may be fully aware of their faults, yet refuse to be held accountable. I have found the latter to be most often the case. It’s hard to admit fault because doing so would necessitate the initiation of change, and change requires work. So pride is also a manifestation of indolence. It’s much easier to blame government institutions, politicians, parents, other authority figures, and society in general. This way you never have to take responsibility for your own decisions. People willingly relinquish their own power to transform themselves for the sake of comfort. In doing so, they develop a mentality of victimhood, which causes them to project their insecurities onto others and encourages a spirit of impotence. When you abdicate your responsibility as a conscious agent of change, you become a slave to the worst aspects of your character. 

Living in a wealthy country like the United States can either be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how you allow your conditions to shape your character. Because we live in such a rich society, we have access to many luxuries which can make life easier. So many Americans take the simple things for granted like running water, light bulbs, mass transportation, public education, healthcare, and access to a grand variety of food. Many nations don’t have any of this, and if they do, then only the wealthy of that nation have access to it. Advanced technology can free up a lot of time by taking care of the seemingly mundane aspects of life. Because we can have many of our basic necessities taken care of, it gives us time to focus on other things like spending time with family, working out, reading, writing a book, hanging out at the local park, and even things that we may consider to be a bad use of time, like playing video games, watching television, browsing the internet or engaging in other forms of fruitless entertainment. This is the danger of wealth and prosperity. However, it must be understood that how you use your time is up to you! You can use it to be productive and create something of value that people can use or benefit from. Or you can use your time to engage in empty pleasure and entertainment. The machinery of entertainment is draining human beings of all the things which make us unique, like our creativity and attentive capacity. Millions of people are plugged into a virtual matrix that absorbs all of their attention, strips them of their identity, and distracts them from their life purpose. The Netflix subscriptions, social media websites, video games, and phone apps are all part of an ever-expanding confusion.  It is the will for some of those in positions of power to keep people down by selling them lies. Politicians do it by making legislative promises that they never remain faithful to. And corporations do it by taking advantage of your fears and insecurities to sell you deceptive products. We have to reclaim our power as conscious agents of change.

But where does it begin? How do we start to produce the changes we want to make in life?  It all begins with your relationship to the truth. Your identity is rooted in your conscience, which is your capacity to discern between right and wrong. Not just in the moral sense, but in the logical sense as well. In other words, your ability to determine what will cause harm to you personally, as well as what will cause harm or suffering to others. In order for a person to be healthy and functional in society, their conscience must be grounded in truth. The problem with the whole of humanity, however, is that despite full knowledge of the truth, we choose to make the wrong decision anyway. By doing so, we rebel against our own conscience, which is our source of truth and cause a split in our identity. In essence, we commit spiritual suicide by tearing ourselves apart between the truth and a lie. This is how people become confused and conflicted, lacking direction and purpose. Being torn between the truth and a lie will initiate a spiritual battle within the dimension of your mind and cause internal division, which causes you to lose the integrity and oneness of your identity by severing your connection to the truth. This divergence from truth produces a spiritual void, the emptiness of which can only be filled by humble confession of guilt and honest repentance.   Success and health begin with a person’s attitude towards life and the ideas they allow to unfold in their hearts and minds. The “good life” is not a matter of material abundance, but spiritual plentitude! People are distracted from what really matters and that’s the truth. What does the truth say about your life? Forget about the opinions of your friends and the lies that society feeds us through media and entertainment. We have to be aware of what we’re dedicating our attention to and what thoughts we are feeding. What are you living for? What are the words that come to mind when you look at your reflection in the mirror? These are questions that only you can answer. The world cannot define you! A mirror can reflect your physical image, but it cannot determine your identity! The multitude are walking around without any conceivable purpose or identity.  People have jobs that they hate, romantic partners that they don’t get along with, and some think that who they are is determined by the opinions of others. In short, people lack direction. They are like unto a vessel on the sea without a compass. We have to stop and ask ourselves why we are here.  Where does this all lead to?

Your purpose is to serve a greater vision. This world is a grand stage for stories to be told and every single one of us is the main character. When you start to view life through this perspective, your decisions and actions achieve greater importance because you can form a connection to the grand scheme of things. The reason why certain people never discover their identity or find purpose is because they attribute no value to the decisions they make on a daily basis. They do not see, either from ignorance or pride, how the decisions they make affect the lives of other people. And so they close themselves off to the world and their potential for greatness. The reality that we live in was created by an intelligent being for intelligent purposes. This being is one of insurmountable love and such is the foundation of all creation. The more life, purpose, value, energy, care, and love you show for the people around you, the more purpose you receive from life, and the more purpose you receive from life, the stronger your sense of identity! GET UP, RIGHT NOW! Put your excuses to rest! Accept what you know to be true! Start taking accountability for the choices you make in life! Embrace the process of change and fight for a better life! Live Triumphantly!

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