A revolution which is grounded in truth and driven by justice cannot be led by an assembly of thieves and drunkards. Such men are powerless to overcome even their own vices. How much more are they powerless to affect change outside of themselves? Revolutions are won through consolidation of power, and power is given first to those who exercise authority over their own carnal impulses. The habitual practice of sin, leading to error and the erosion of one’s rational faculties is self-imposed imprisonment. A man, who by free will, engages in self-destructive behavior cannot claim to be motivated by a desire for life and liberty. Before a man seeks to change or restructure the world in common, he must first bring to order his own habitation. The only changes which may be both lasting and beneficial to society are those which are born of reason and intellect. Therefore, if revolution is to be achieved, then the mechanisms of change must be operated by reasonable and intelligent men. The true measure of a man’s intellect is not to be found in the knowledge which he possesses in any particular discipline or sphere of study. It is the extent to which a man is capable of extracting meaning from the knowledge he holds in relationship to virtue and progress which determines a man’s intellect. The one who is considered the best in his line of work is the one who understands the true meaning and purpose of his work as it relates to concern for the good of others and the good of oneself. Those who do not show proper concern for the wellbeing of others in their work will be cast aside by their peers, and those who exhibit imprudence with regard to their own wellbeing will be subject to mental and corporal corruption.

The truths of which I speak are self-evident, and those to whom such truths have not yet come are not at all worthy of taking part in the construction of the society which is envisioned. Shall we allow men and women who carry the same ideals of the society which has reduced humanity to the level of beasts to continue with us? Certainly the world which we endeavor to build is one of truth and conviction. It is not our intention to destroy the current systems of despotism and injustice. The sovereign rule of love and righteousness preordains the ruin of tyrannical leadership. The apparatus which exalts itself above all that we represent will destroy itself. Our duty, among others, is to lead by example. With the assistance of almighty God, our way of life will render the enemy’s obsolete. We desire nothing but to live free and holy. For we recognize that men whose actions are guided by virtue are in need of no masters or systems of control to contain their ambitions. All men who, by their own free will, choose to live as beasts can expect to be treated as such. By reason of their own transgressions against truth, they are denied the rational faculties which are necessary to detect the deceit of their masters. Therefore, brethren, let us go in our own way, as men in pursuit of life; that we may discover the blessing and favor of God which is manifest in the success of our endeavors. Only men who live for something greater than themselves are capable of building a legacy which survives the temporality of their individual existence. Those who only concern themselves with the fleeting pleasures of this world and lifetime do not engage in work that lasts. They exist to fulfill their own selfishness and so the fruit of their labors, like their efforts, are short-lived.

Because a man’s moral inclinations are, in part, determined by the extent to which they have allowed themselves to reflect upon their own nature, we cannot expect a man to surrender his beliefs by persuasion or coercion. It is instead, the character of Godly men to judge righteous judgment, in the spirit of truth and humility, while embodying the virtues we seek to instill in the fallen.

Any body of men concerned with the labors of revolution must be a fraternal body. A brotherhood inspires love for one another and unity of effort. There must be an internal order which governs the structure and energies of fraternal activities. This order will facilitate the reconciliation of internal contradictions. The virtues and principles which govern the conduct of the fraternity must serve as an ideological framework for the larger systems of government which will be instituted by the order.

It is a common practice among the grieving voices of our age to extol the principle of unity while, at the same time, neglecting to address the ever-increasing causes of disunity. The debilitating consequences of the condition of disunity in a struggle for power and change are evident. A house divided against itself cannot stand. However, the evidence of such an infirmity ought to encourage investigation of its causes instead of, by impulse, being driven to acclamation of its converse. The cause of disunity is falsehood. Therefore, unity cannot be accomplished without first uncovering what is true. What does it profit any group of men to be united by a lie? Therefore the priority is not unity, but ascertainment of truth. Only after we are equipped with the truth do we have the ability and unction to produce change. Unity under falsehood is feeble, and its end is disintegration by the implosion of internal contradictions born of superficial principles adopted by fragile minds. Is it our humanity in common which unites us? I say no. For the very infirmities of spirit to which we are opposed do inhabit the many vessels of men. Humanity unites us only insofar as each of us is capable of imparting value to one another as rational beings worthy of love and liberty. Since not everyone can be expected to impart such value to others, it shall in no wise be expected of sons and daughters of love to be united with the likes of the wicked. Is it our nation that unites us? Nay! For the nation that we so esteem is the very one which, by reason of its transgressions, has fostered the proliferation of slavery and injustice. State militias, political parties, and tribes are forming factions across the nation. And each, with their opposing interests and ideologies, will seek to make war against each other. When the America we once knew is no more, on what basis THEN shall we be united? Shall we unite on the basis of race or economic class? Again, nay! For the illusions constructed by these superficial modes of being await rapid disintegration whereupon both Black and White, Rich and Poor, are brought to their knees by a force which discriminates not on the basis of these aforementioned superficialities. Your soul is the prize. Shall we be united by a leader? Has not history shown us the division that is brought about by the death of leaders? When the leaders which brought us together are struck down by the vicissitudes of revolution, who then shall we look upon for guidance? When the veil of materialism is lifted, and the idols of men, which serve as objects of their vain adoration are brought to naught, it will be made known unto them which hold their superficialities in high regard that we are all but men, and our worldly status and possessions are not the pinnacle of that which defines us.

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