3 Ways Martial Arts Benefits Children


In recent years, schools across the nation have launched Anti-Bullying Campaigns in an effort to curb bullying through discussion and education. It is almost guaranteed that a child will be bullied at some point in their life, whether it be verbal or physical. This is not an exercise in negativity. It’s the bitter truth.

Martial arts is different from many other disciplines like music, dance, and poetry. Whereas the aforementioned disciplines may refine some aspects of one’s character by means of self-expression and diligence, martial arts is literally the study of warfare. More than a discipline, it is a tool for victory in every aspect of one’s life. A dynamic curriculum of blocks, kicks, push-ups, and sparring will prepare your child for violent encounters, and teach lessons in strength, confidence, discipline, humility, respect, comradery, determination, perseverance and love.

The systematic fortification of mind and body will govern a child’s quality of speech, demeanor, and attentive capacity. Sharp body language, a strong posture, and a confident look can secure a victory without a single strike. Martial arts will unlock the psychology of confrontation, and teach your child how to engage in psychological warfare to protect their minds and prevent the initiation of violence.



Children are in search of what they lack, and that is knowledge. But more important than worldly knowledge, which we can classify as academic studies, children are in search of self-knowledge. That is, they are eager to find out more about their purpose; who they are and who they will become. But purpose can only be ascertained through trial, hardship, failure, and success. How can anyone know who they are without first having their convictions put to the test?

By simulating the struggles of life, martial arts will help your child discover their identity through unlocking their potential. Children are daring! They are attracted to tests of bravery and will-power. They want to prove themselves to the world and practicing martial arts is the best way to direct this energy.



Making healthy decisions is indispensable to the practice of martial arts. Poor health will not only weaken one’s capacity to defend themself, but it can deteriorate one’s quality of life.

Our grocery stores and supermarkets are filled with a bunch of synthetic, sugar loaded junk! The same can be said for public school lunches!

Despite advanced technology and the “sophistication” of medicine, our generation faces one of the greatest health crises’ in recent history. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and cancer are killing hundreds of thousands of people across the country. In 2014, High blood pressure was a primary or contributing cause of death for more than 410,000 Americans. In 2016, an estimated 1.6 million deaths were directly caused by diabetes. So what’s the problem? Diet!

When someone invites me out for a slice of pizza or to a barbecue and I tell them that I’m on a diet, they look at me like I’m crazy! “YOU on a diet? But you’re not fat!”

It doesn’t surprise me that people associate the word “diet” with being fat. After all, the majority of people’s perceptions are heavily influenced by media, which would include those insufferable weight-loss infomercials and advertisements.

We must dispel the idea that diets are only for overweight people. Dieting is simply defined as the specific food a person consumes on a habitual basis. They can vary in accordance to specific weight goals, medical conditions, and/or lifestyles. The problem is most people don’t realize that the food they’re eating is hazardous to their health.

One of the fastest evolving industries is the food industry, and it makes sense since food is a very basic necessity for survival. Food companies are constantly discovering new ways to preserve and enhance the quality of food. The dark side of their endeavors is that their innovations are motivated by profit instead of good intention. Thus many of these new chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, texturizers, and fillers end up making people sick. 

Educating children about health and nutrition are absolutely essential to my Martial Philosophy. A diet rich in RAW fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is crucial! Soda and juice are to be eliminated from the diet in exchange for filtered water. Prepackaged freezer meals and microwaves should be avoided under any circumstance. Microwaves denature the chemical composition of food in a way that is detrimental to optimal health. Teaching children about the science of food will help them develop healthy habits, instill a spirit of integrity, and lay the foundations for success.

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